Understanding Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important

People who do business on the internet will constantly be telling you why search engine optimization is important, but few will bother to explains what it means.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the method of building web pages and even complete web sites in a way that makes them easily discovered, indexed and them placed on the results pages of search engines. The internet is the largest source of information mankind has ever known and that makes finding the data people are searching for difficult, and this is a problem that everyone faces, from students to businessmen to the casual web surfer looking for entertainment.

The internet is not something difficult to understand and the simplest way to come to grips with it is to use the analogy of a huge shopping mall that houses thousands of stores selling everything under the sun but have no signs telling people what they are selling. There will be millions of people coming to the mall every day to buy things but how long are they going to spend hunting for what they need and, what happens when they get tired? They will give up and go home and perhaps, try again later in some other mall or maybe just return to a shop that they are familiar with. However, if the mall was organized with maps to tell people what stores were on which floor, had guides to help people find their way around and the stores had signboards, thing would be much easier and people would be able to find what they want. Now think of a search engine as a kind of guide to the mall, something that tells people where to go to find what they need. Look at search engine optimization as like placing a large signboard outside the stores to tell people what is available inside. But since there are thousands of other stores just like yours, in competition with you, you need to make your store stand out. With search engine optimization you are attempting to place your business at the top of the list of what people are looking for so that the chances of customers coming to you are the highest. It is human nature to choose the easiest option and in this case that means examining the businesses that are at the head of the list to see if they will supply what is being looked for, no one wants to waste time going through the whole list if it can be avoided.

If you are wondering why search engine optimization is so important, it is because it places your website in the prime position in search engine results and so more people will visit your website as compared to those lower on the list.


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